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About Colette

I have amassed a wealth of experience, particularly in the areas of Sensory Integration, Motor Skills, Visual Perception, Functional Assessment, and Handwriting.

I have extensive experience working with children who have physical, sensory, and learning difficulties with wide-ranging diagnoses including:

 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

 Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention     Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder     (ADD/ADHD)

 Chromosomal Disorders including Down     Syndrome

 Developmental Coordination Disorder     (DCD/Dyspraxia)

 Developmental Delay

 Executive functioning difficulties

 Sensory feeding issues

 Learning Difficulties

 Neurological Conditions including     Cerebral Palsy

 Sensory Processing Difficulties

I have also worked with children who do not have a specific diagnosis or condition; but are struggling to complete some of their everyday tasks (occupations) including dressing, handwriting, coordination, organisation, attention, and play. These children may need a little assistance to help them to reach their full potential. 
Children Drawing

I have been involved in assessing for and recommending assistive technology, and accommodations for school exams, I have made these recommendations for extra support in schools in line with current Departmental Guidelines RACE & DARE etc. I have also completed numerous Assessment of Need Reports.

I am registered CORU practitioner and a member of the Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland (AOTI), I am also a member of the AOTI Private Practice and Paediatric Advisory Groups and the Sensory Integration Network of Ireland, which help me to keep up to date on changes and developments within the OT profession in Ireland and further afield. I continue to upskill and keep up to date with current thinking by attending OT journal clubs, completing peer supervision, liaising with other Paediatric O.T.’s. I regularly attending relevant courses.

Having completed the Handwriting Tears Programme and Print Tool assessment training I am one of only 2 therapists, presently, accredited in Ireland to assess children using the Handwriting Without Tears Print Tool.

I have completed the Listening with the Whole Body Course and can offer individually tailored Therapeutic Listening Programmes.

Sensory Integration: I have completed Modules 1 and 2, as well as numerous courses providing strategies to help assess and treat sensory integration issues including:  

  Is it Sensory, Is it Behaviour;
   MORE Integrating the Mouth with     Sensory and Postural Function;
  Integrating Neurodevelopmental       Treatment and Sensory Integration     Sensory Defensiveness, A     Comprehensive Treatment Approach,     including the Wilbarger Therapressure     Protocol;
  Sensory Integration and Visual     Impairment;
•   Developmental Therapeutic Yoga:     Merging Concepts of Yoga and Sensory     Integration for Individuals with Special     Needs;
•   Intervention Using Sensory Integration     Equipment;
•   Sensory Diets that Work;
•   Sensory Processing and Arousal

Therapy/ Intervention 
Colette offers clinic based interventions, but will be happy to co-ordinate services with both home and school in order to provide a child centred approach to
assessment and intervention and therefore home and school visits can be arranged, when need arises. 

Therapy Room