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I am up to date with Children First Training. I have completed Practice Educator training from a number of Irish Universities and I have provided student placement opportunities to many occupational therapy students.

A full list of training including all the relevant sensory and children’s courses are provided...

Sensory Attachment Intervention Training by Éadaoin Bhreathnach and facilitated by AOTI, June 2018

Children First Training March 2018

Sensory Defensiveness, A Comprehensive Treatment Approach, including the Wilbarger Therapressure Protocol. Julia Wilbarger, Tracy Murnan Stackhouse, December 2017.

Information Session on Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Joint Hypermobility Syndrome. HSE Journal Club, October 2017

Hoist Education, Level 2. Aideen Gallagher, September 2016

Toilet Training for Children. HSE Continence Advisor, July 2016

The Impact on Visual Impairment on Child Development. Child Vision, February 2015

Advanced Patient Handling. Lisclare, July 2014

Introduction/Overview of Astronaut Training. HSE OT staff, October 2013

MORE Integrating the Mouth with Sensory and Postural Function. Patricia Oeiter, Eileen W Richtner, January 2010

DIR Floor Time. Training Ways, April, May 2009

Intensive Interaction Workshop. HSE SALT, February 2009

Handwriting Without Tears and The Print Tool Assessment, 2 day training course. Handwriting Without Tears, January 2009

Paediatric Brain Tumours, Presentation and Workshop. Linda Welford, July 2007

Attachment Theory training Conference. Robert Marvin, September 2006

Autism and Pervasive Developmental Delay. Carolyn Murray Slutsky, Betty Paris, September 2006

How Does Your Engine Run Workshop. Margot Buchhorn, A Willemse, August 2006

Is it Sensory or is it Behaviour. Carolyn Murray Slutsky, Betty Paris, July 2006

Courtroom Skills Training. La Touche Bond Salon, March 2006

Integrating Neurodevelopmental Treatment and Sensory Integration. Carolyn Slutsky, Betty M Paris, July 2005

Developmental Therapeutic Yoga: Merging Concepts of Yoga and Sensory Integration for Individuals with Special Needs. Sheila M Frick and Scott Anderson, June 2005

Sensory Integration and Visual Impairment. NCBI, December 2004

Intervention Using Sensory Integration Equipment. National Paediatric O.T Special Interest Group, September 2004

Sensory Diets that Work. Eileen Dwyer, July 2004

Sensory Integration Module 2, Clinical Observation and Analysis. University of Liverpool, June 2004.

O.T for Children with Handwriting Difficulties. Sydney Chu, November 2003

O.T for Children with Developmental Co-Ordination Disorder. Sydney Chu, November 2003

Ergonomic Efficiency for the Active User. Invacare, November 2003

Excellence in Prescription of Powered Wheelchairs. Invacare, October 2003

Early Assessment and Intervention for Babies and Young People. Betty Huchon, July 2003

Listening with the Whole Body Course. Vital Links, Training First, July 2003

Therapeutic Use of Movement to Enhance Somatomotor Control, Listening and Vision for Physical, Social and Cognitive Occupation. Mary Kawar, June 2003

Sensory Integration Module 1 Foundation Theory and Intervention. University of Liverpool, March 2003

Sensory Processing and Arousal. Eadaoin Bhreathnach, November 2002

Introduction to Sensory Processing and Arousal. Eadaoin Bhreathnach, October 2001

Introduction to Paediatric Occupational Therapy Treatment Approaches. Elzabeth Hutchon and Lyndsy Hardy, February 2001

Bobath Introductory Course. The Bobath Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy September 2002

Housing Adaptations Course. Muscular Dystrophy Society September 2001

Disability Equality Training. National Disability Services regularly updated since July 2001

Impetus Independent Mobility – Programmes of Education for Prescribers – Modules 1 – 5 (Impetus Training Programme Sept, Oct, Nov 2001)
1. Understanding Disability
2. Principles of Basic Seating
3. Effective Prescription and Principles of Assessment
4. Social and environmental issues to consider when prescribing mobility products and seating
5. Prevention of Tissue Trauma in Mobility Seating

IHSS Teach Rheumatology Hand Surgery. IHSS Teaching Symposium, October 1999

MCP Joint Replacement. Cappagh Orthopaedic Hospital, September 1999